Hatching Eggs

There are many things that can cause eggs to not develop or hatch, such as: poor handling, xrays, airsac damage, box dropped, weather, infertility, incubation issues, wrong humidity, etc... If you can't accept the risks and responsibility of purchasing hatching eggs, then please buy elsewhere. Do not ask for a refund or return, as the terms of this sale are clearly listed here. As an experienced chicken breeder, my reputation is very important to me, so this is why we take extra special care packing your eggs and ensure excellent care of my birds! We personally handle each egg with extreme care and only package fresh clean eggs! We truly want you to have a great hatching result, however, sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control, your hatch may not go so well, but please know I do not give out free eggs. My flocks are small and in great demand, so every egg is very precious. All proceeds go to the care and welfare of my birds, so we can share them with those who want to experience the joy, beauty and pride of owning rare chicken breeds!

We have hatching eggs for sale usually starting in February through November. We generally have chicken, turkey, and duck. Drop us line and we can put you on the waiting list.

 Telephone: 1 208 681 3571
E-mail: LavaRidgeRanch@Gmail.com